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Redispersible Polymer Powder

Jul. 13, 2021

The concept of redispersible polymer powder

To meet today's technical requirements; almost all dry mix mortars require polymer modification. Many gelling mortars contain cellulose ethers as additives to improve water retention and workability. However, after setting and drying, they will be difficult to adhere. In addition, cementitious mortar is a very hard, brittle and inflexible material, and for many applications, flexible and deformable cementitious materials are essential. Therefore, in almost all applications of modern buildings, it is necessary to modify cement mortar with polymers.


The redispersible polymer powder is a free-flowing, white powder obtained by spray drying water vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer dispersion. Redispersible polymer powders are converted into free-flowing polymer emulsions by spray drying (atomizing an aqueous polymer dispersion in a stream of hot air). When mixed with water, these powders are redispersed into the liquid emulsion, and their properties are basically the same as the original emulsion.

Redispersible polymer powder

Redispersible polymer powder

Redispersible polymer powder application

• Cement based wall putty

•Wallpaper Adhesive

•Cement based tile adhesive

• Crack filler

• Adhesive mortar

•Gypsum joint filler

• Repair mortars

•Cement rendering

Benefits of redispersible polymer powder

• It has excellent water repellent and hydrophobic properties.

•Improve the adhesion, bending strength, plasticity, wear resistance and good processing properties of modified compounds.

• Provide proper adhesion for external insulation and surface treatment systems.

• Used for self-leveling plaster compounds and floor compounds

•Improve processability and other important mechanical properties, such as tensile, compressive and bending strength, and lateral deformation.

• It has excellent anti-skid and impact resistance, and helps to reduce the cracks formed due to shrinkage.

Redispersible polymer powder is a polymer emulsion that is converted into a powdered thermoplastic resin material through a series of processes such as high temperature and high pressure, spray drying, and surface treatment. When mixed with water, these powdery organic binders can be re-dispersed in water back into a new emulsion, and their properties are basically the same as the original copolymer emulsion.

Adding redispersible polymer powder to the mortar can improve the cohesiveness, cohesion and elasticity of the mortar. One is to improve the water retention of the mortar, form a film, and reduce the evaporation of water. Secondly, the bonding strength of the mortar can be improved.

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